Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hammer Build Up

Hammer Build Up is one of the deluxe workouts you can purchase with the masters of hammer and chisel. You can use this workout in place of some of the Hammer workouts on your workout schedule. I just did it for the first time today. I love that it goes at a quick pace so the 31 minutes goes by really fast. I also really liked that both Autumn and Sagi were in it. 

The Moves

This workout is broken into 7 rounds for some reason. You only do each move once for 30 seconds so I was confused as to why they had different rounds. You will use either you medicine ball or dumbbells. For some of the ones they used the ball in I could've used heavier weights so next time I will be using dumbbells for those moves.

Round 1

1. Squat- They used the ball, but that wasn't heavy enough for me so I will be using my 10 lb dumbbells next time and maybe even go up from there. 

2.Front Back Lunge (Right)- Lunge front then back. This was another one the used the ball on that I will be using my 10lbs for next time. 

3. Front Back Lunge (Left)- Same as above.

4. Step Up (Right/Left)- Keep one foot on bench and step other up and down. Do 15 seconds on each leg.

Round 2

1. Pull Up

2. Reverse Grip Row

3. Pull Over

4. Reverse fly

Round 3

1. 1 Hand Push Up (Right/Left)- Place one hand on the ball and other on the floor and do push ups. Switch the hand that is on the ball at the 15 second mark. I surprisingly didn't' struggle as much as I thought I would for this one.

2. Chest Fly

3. Feet on ball Push up- Unfortunately exactly what it sounds like. I was able to keep my balance enough for at least a few push ups. 

4. Incline Press

Round 4

1. Military Press- They used the ball but I will be using heavier weights next time. 

2. Lateral Raise

3. Upright Row

4. Anterior Raise- Hold ball in front of you and raise it to chin height. 

Round 5

1. Bicep Curl

2. Hammer Curl

3. Concentration Curl- 15 seconds right arm and 15 seconds left arm.

4. Rotation Curl- Rotate your hands up and hold your arms out to your side and curl.

Round 6

1. Tricep Dips

2. Tricep Kickbacks (Right)

3. Tricep Kickbacks (Left)

4. Skull Crusher- Lie on the floor or bench and hold your arms straight up. Bend at your elbow and lower the top part of your arm down without moving your elbows. 

Round 7

1. Plank Hold on Ball- Put your hands on the ball and hold a plank. Be prepared to shake!

2. Mountain Climber on Ball- Put your hands on the ball and do mountain climbers. 

3. Windshield Wiper (Right)- Sagi put the 8 lb medicine ball between his feet to do this. I couldn't do that so I just did it without anything. Put legs straight up in the air with your knees bent. Lower your legs to your tight side and back to center. 

4. Windshield Wiper (Left)- Same as above except you go to the left. 

10 Minute Ab Hammer

The 10 minute ab hammer workout is an add on ab exercise for the masters of hammer and chisel. It is actually about 12 minutes. I don't really care for this workout since I'm not a fan of most ab exercises, but I can feel it working so I will do it. 

The Moves

All of the moves are 10 minutes.

1. C-tap- Sit on the floor in a  c-sit position. Reach right hand back lower down and tap behind you on the right then raise up and do the same with the left hand. 

2. Forearm Run- Get into a forearm plank and quickly switch the foot that you bring in like doing mountain climbers.

3. Up Down Reach- Lay on your back with your legs straight up in the air. Lower your legs to the floor then bring back up and do a crunch reaching your hands to your feet. 

4. Oblique Crunch Twist (Left/Right)- Lay on your back and bring one knee to the side so it's facing away from you and keep the other foot out straight. Crunch the straight leg in. Do one minute for both sides. 

5. Side Plank Wing (Left/Right)- Get in a side plank position. Tap hip down to ground, raise back up and crunch top leg in to top elbow. Do one minute for both sides. 

6. Windshield Tap- Lay on you back with your legs straight up (your knees can be bent). Lower and tap feet down to the side, center, then other side and repeat. 

7. Hammer Run- Lie on your back and basically do a bicycle run. Alternate which knee you bring in. 

15 Minute Leg Hammer

Although this workout says its 15 minutes it s actually a painful 18 minute workout. 15 minute leg hammer is one of the deluxe workouts in the masters of hammer and chisel program. After your regular workout for the day you will just add this extra one on to work your legs just a little more!

The Moves

You do all the moves for a minute. The first 20 seconds you go at a slow pace, then the next 20 you go at a medium pace, and for the last 20 you go at a fast pace. You use an 8lb medicine ball for these exercises, but for most of them you can modify and use dumbbells if you don't have the ball or want more resistance. 

1. Squat Press- Bring the ball to the floor when you go down in a squat and on the way up press it overhead. 

2. Side Lunge (Left/Right)- When you go down in the side lunge touch the ball to the outside of the bending knee then go back up. Do one minute on each side. 

3. Reverse Lunge (Left/Right)- Hold the ball up by your shoulder on the side that is going back in the lunge. Do one minute on each side.

4. Sumo Twist- Stay in a sumo squat and twist the ball to the outside of one leg then the other. This was very painful and I had to come out of the squat a few times!

5. Deadlift Crunch- Stand on one foot. Lower the ball down while you do a deadlift then raise the ball up as you crunch the floating leg in. Do one minute on each side. 

6. Step up Press- Do a reverse lunge and tap the ball on the floor next to your front foot. As you raise up press the ball up and crunch your back leg up. Do one minute on each side. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

15 Minute Glute Chisel

I ordered the deluxe workouts a week ago and they came in yesterday morning. I was so excited I planned to do all 4 today, but after chisel agility I could barely do the 15 minute Chisel Glutes one. Even though it says its only 15 minutes in the name it's actually a little over 17. If you want to lift your butt even more than what the program already does, this is the workout to do it!! 

The Moves

Each move is 25 reps. You will need a medicine ball (the were all using 8 and so was I) or a dumbbell. All the moves can be modified if you don't have the ball.  

1. Sumo Jacks- Start in a sumo squat holding the ball down between your legs the jump up bringing your feet together like a jumping jack while pushing the ball straight up over your head.

2. Bulgarian Split Squats (Left/Right)- I honestly thought Autumn was joking when she was describing this one. You get in a lunge position and put your back foot on the medicine ball and lower down and up. I really struggled to balance on this one so I will definitely need to work on it. Once you complete on one leg you move on to the next one. 

3. Jumping Curtsy Lunge- Start in a curtsy lunge position (one leg crossed behind the other) then jump your feet out while pushing the medicine ball above your head. Jump back into a curtsy lunge. You will alternate which foot is in front. 

4. Warrior 3 (Left/Right)- Stand on one leg. Lift ball slightly up in front of you while bringing the floating leg back then come back up to standing position. I wasn't able to use 8lbs and keep my form correct for this one so I switched to a 5lb dumbbell. 

5. Side Lunge Ball Pull (Left/Right)- Stand in a side lunge position and put the foot of the leg that is straight on the ball and pull it in a little bit so you have room to move it. As you lunge down push the ball out and bring it in as you come up. Do one side then the other. 

6. Bridge on Ball (Left/Right)- Lay on the floor in a bridge position with one leg straight in the air and the other supporting you on the ball. Raise up and lower down. Do one side then the other. I wasn't able to support myself on the ball so I just did the move with my foot on the ground. It's going to take awhile for me to be able to put my foot on the ball! 

    Tuesday, January 19, 2016

    Hammer and Chisel Day 23

    I woke up early today to do Max Hammer Strength. I wasn't feeling too great, but I just thought I was tired and pushed through the workout. I'm not a morning person so the days I have to workout before work I tend to not feel well and put it off... Usually I will feel better once I get a few minutes into the workout, but today I just kept feeling worse. By this point my throat was really hurting and my stomach kind of hurt and I knew I had strep! I get it at least once or twice a year so it's hard to forget the feeling. I went to the doctor immediately so I could be put on antibiotics because I hate missing work! Unfortunately they confirmed my diagnosis so I got a very unwanted sick day. At least it took me a minute to realize I was sick so my workout got done!

    I had made myself a sweet potato to pack in my lunch before I worked out so it could cool and completely forgot about it until after I got back from the doctor. My dog is actually the only reason I remembered. I heard mostly silence with just a slight licking sound which is always a very bad sign with him. I called him, he didn't come so I had to get off the comfy spot I had made on the couch and figure out what he was up to. I caught him on camera running off with the sweet potato! I'm just thankful he didn't break the plate when he jumped up on the counter to get it. 

    I was able to eat lunch (chicken, broccoli and a sweet potato) and I had my shakeology with a banana and spinach blended into it, but since the solid food made my throat hurt even worse I ended up cheating for dinner... I feel really guilty about it since I had ice cream and 2 slices of the pizza my husband got for himself! I have been allowing myself one cheat meal usually on Sunday so I just won't have one this Sunday to make up for it. I have never been as consistent with nutrition as I have been with this program! The results I'm already seeing in 3 weeks are too good for me to give up now! 

    10 Minute Ab Chisel

    This 10 minute ab workout is my favorite workout of the whole program. I usually hate ab workouts and complain the whole time, but I actually find this one fun. Now the ab hammer one is a different story. I complain the whole time during that. The first time you do this workout is on day 13 of the masters of hammer and chisel program. 

    The Moves

    All the moves are 60 seconds!

    1. Forearm Plank- Put your forearms on the bench and your feet on the ground. 

    2. Seated Rainbows- Sit on the bench in a c-sit position and bring legs from one side to the other while holding them together. 

    3. Forearm Cross Plank- Do a forearm plank on the bench and crunch knee up to opposite elbow. 

    4. Unicorns- Sit on the bench in a c-sit position on the bench and crunch both legs up. Keep legs as straight as you can. 

    5. Bird Dog Crunch- Do a forearm plank on the bench, Raise one hand and the opposite foot then crunch elbow and knee in. alternate sides.

    6. C-Sit Scissors- Sit on the bench in a c-sit position holding the bench behind you and alternate raising your legs up. 

    7. Side Arm twist (30 secs each side)- Side plank on bench twisting the arm that's not on the bench under you then back to a straight up position. 

    Sunday, January 17, 2016

    Total Body Chisel

    Total body Chisel is day 19 of the masters of hammer and chisel. It is about 36 minutes long. Even though it is a total body workout I felt it mostly in my legs. 

    The Moves

    There are 3 round in this workout. Each round has 3 sets of 3 exercises that are 10 reps each. 

    Round 1:

    1. Squat

    2. Bench Press 

    3. Reverse Grip Row

    Round 2:

    1. Reverse Lunges (left/right)- 10 reps each side.

    2. Incline Fly

    3. Dumbbell Lat Pullover

    Round 3:

    1. Step Down to Cross Back (left/right)- Keep one foot on the bench and cross other leg back behind you like a curtsey lunge. 10 reps each side.

    2. Incline Curl

    3. Bench Tricep Dips