Saturday, January 23, 2016

15 Minute Glute Chisel

I ordered the deluxe workouts a week ago and they came in yesterday morning. I was so excited I planned to do all 4 today, but after chisel agility I could barely do the 15 minute Chisel Glutes one. Even though it says its only 15 minutes in the name it's actually a little over 17. If you want to lift your butt even more than what the program already does, this is the workout to do it!! 

The Moves

Each move is 25 reps. You will need a medicine ball (the were all using 8 and so was I) or a dumbbell. All the moves can be modified if you don't have the ball.  

1. Sumo Jacks- Start in a sumo squat holding the ball down between your legs the jump up bringing your feet together like a jumping jack while pushing the ball straight up over your head.

2. Bulgarian Split Squats (Left/Right)- I honestly thought Autumn was joking when she was describing this one. You get in a lunge position and put your back foot on the medicine ball and lower down and up. I really struggled to balance on this one so I will definitely need to work on it. Once you complete on one leg you move on to the next one. 

3. Jumping Curtsy Lunge- Start in a curtsy lunge position (one leg crossed behind the other) then jump your feet out while pushing the medicine ball above your head. Jump back into a curtsy lunge. You will alternate which foot is in front. 

4. Warrior 3 (Left/Right)- Stand on one leg. Lift ball slightly up in front of you while bringing the floating leg back then come back up to standing position. I wasn't able to use 8lbs and keep my form correct for this one so I switched to a 5lb dumbbell. 

5. Side Lunge Ball Pull (Left/Right)- Stand in a side lunge position and put the foot of the leg that is straight on the ball and pull it in a little bit so you have room to move it. As you lunge down push the ball out and bring it in as you come up. Do one side then the other. 

6. Bridge on Ball (Left/Right)- Lay on the floor in a bridge position with one leg straight in the air and the other supporting you on the ball. Raise up and lower down. Do one side then the other. I wasn't able to support myself on the ball so I just did the move with my foot on the ground. It's going to take awhile for me to be able to put my foot on the ball! 

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