Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chisel Agility

Day 10 of the Masters of Hammer and Chisel is Chisel Agility. I honestly hate Autumn while I'm doing this workout. It's 39 minutes and your heart rate will get way up there. She likes to call out which way to go in some of the moves which gives you a great workout, but I get quite irritated with her. Overall it's a great workout!

The Moves

All the moves are a minute. After you do them all you get a quick break then repeat them again.

1. High Knees/Wide High Knees- Go forward doing high knees then go back bringing your knees up to the side (like running through tires). 

2. Plank X Taps- Get in a plank position and you will either tap one of your hands forward or one of your legs to the side. Autumn calls them out so there isn't an order. 

3. Grapevine/ Shuffle- Grapevine going to one side the shuffle back to the other. The directions switch halfway through. 

4. Lateral Squat Hop- This is one of the ones where I'm yelling at Autumn. She will tell you which side to jump to in your squat or make you hold the squat for a few seconds. 

5. Multi-directional Lunge- Forward lunge, side lunge, back lunge on one leg then switch to the other leg halfway through. 

6. Rotating Jump Squat- In a squat position jump 180 degrees around to your right then back to your left. Prepare for your butt to burn and your heart rate to sky rocket!

7. Skater Triangle- This ones kind of fun once you get the idea and do it a few. Imagine you are standing at the top of a triangle with two sides behind you. You lift your foot up and jump back to that side, then to the other corner of the triangle, and back to the front. Basically you jump in the direction of whichever foot is up. 

8. Diagonal Jump Lunge- Get into a lunge position on a diagonal to one side then jump to the other while switching legs

9. Circle In and Out-  Imagine you are on the outside of a circle. Step both feet in then out while going around the edge of that circle. Switch directions halfway through. 

10. Directional Squat Jump- Stay in a squat and jump in the direction Autumn tells you to (front, back, right, left). 

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