Monday, January 11, 2016

Chisel Balance

Day 1 of the Masters of Hammer and Chisel Workout is Chisel Balance. This is probably my favorite workout. You will feel the burn everywhere. The heaviest weights I used were 10lbs which was heavy enough for this workout. This workout is one of the longest in the program at 41 minutes. 

The Moves

There are only 8 moves in this workout. You do 15 reps of each (if on one leg you will do 30 total per leg), repeat then you move onto the next move. 

1. 1 Leg Squat Sit- For this one you stand on one leg and slowly lower down to sit on the bench then stand back up. You really need to control yourself while lowering down so you don't plop on the bench. 

2. 1 Leg Bridge Pullover- Basically you lay on your back in a bridge position with one leg raised in the air for all the reps. You hold your arms straight up then slowly lower them behind your head and raise them up. That's one rep.

3. 1 Leg Squat Deadlift-  Hold one weight in the opposite hand of the leg you're putting weight on. As you reach the weight to the floor squat with the leg that's on the floor and let the other leg float back. 

4. Up-Downs- Start in a plank then place your hands on the bench (still in plank) and go back to plank on floor.

5. Split Squat Jump- This one is hard so if you are using a bench or chair make sure it is sturdy. The modifier just does it on the floor. Place one foot on the bench and the other in front of you in a lunge position. Allow your body to lean forward a little and jump your front foot off the ground bringing your knee towards your chest. Back foot stays planted. 

6. Renegade Row- Get in a plank position with your hands on the bench with a weight in one hand (allow it to hang down). While you row the weight up raise the opposite leg up. It doesn't have to be high just what you can manage. 

7. 1 Arm Press Bridge- Basically this is a bench press with 1 arm. Your shoulders will be supported by either the stability ball or your bench and the rest of your body will be in a bridge position. While you press the weight up raise the opposite leg towards your chest. (hard to explain but it works your whole body)

8. Balance Row Pistol Squat- I have a love/hate relationship with this move. I think it's awful but I know it's really building my glutes so I can't hate it. Stand on one leg with weights in both hands. First you lean forward with one foot going back and do a row then you  bring the back leg in front of you and do a pistol squat.

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