Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chisel Cardio

Day 8 of the Masters of Hammer and Chisel is Chisel Cardio. After a week of weight lifting I saw "cardio" and was a little disappointed. Thankfully Autumn has you use weights for a lot of the exercises and they all work to build your muscles. I really enjoyed this one since my heart rate got up and I felt like I got a great total body workout! This one is about 39 minutes. 

The Moves

Each move is a minute you go through them all once then repeat.  

1. Over the Tops- Step ups on bench from one side to the other. Hold one weight. 

2. Pull Ups

3. Dumbbell Swings- Hold one weight vertically in between your legs (or kettle ball if you have one). Squat then swing dumbbell up as you raise up. 

4. Figure 8- Sit in C-sit position holding 1 weight in front of your chest then circle the weight in the motion of a figure 8 (kind of like rowing a boat).

5. Burpees

6. Sword Pulls- Hold one weight in your right hand and lunge to your left. On your way back up do a shoulder raise. Switch legs. 

7. Forearm Planks Kicks- Alternate kicking the leg out to the side. 

8. Step Ups with Kick (both legs)- Step up on bench with one leg and kick with the opposite. You are holding one weight for this move. 

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