Monday, January 11, 2016

Chisel Endurance

Day 6 of the Masters of Hammer and Chisel is Chisel Endurance. I love this workout. It's 37 minutes and you go the whole time. This is another one where you step on the bench a lot so make sure it's sturdy. A lot of the benches wobble a lot so if yours does either use your stairs, a sturdy stool, or chair for any of the moves you step up on the bench. In my challenge group there have already been quite a few injuries from trying to step on a wobbly bench. Also take it as slow as you need to! You don't have to go as fast as they do in the workouts. 

The Moves

All the moves are going to be a minute. You will do them all once then there will be a second round where you do them again. 

1. Bench Run Ups (R/L)- You step up with one leg going first then step down then after a minute you switch to the other leg

2. Negative Pull Ups- If you are using a pull up bar go slow on the way down. I used my resistance band with the door attachment and tried to move really slowly to get the resistance. 

3. Step Up Cross Over (L/R)- Put one thing on the bench and bring the other up behind you and cross it over behind you like you are lifting it over something. Switch the leg on the bench after a minute. 

4. Decline Push Ups- Put your feet on bench or chair and do push ups. I had to take quite a few breaks for this one. 

5. 1 Hand Row with Leg Extension (L/R)- Put one hand on the bench and row with the other while holding the leg on the side your hand is on the bench extended straight behind you. 

6. Incline Press- If you have a bench set it to 45 degrees and press out. I used my stability ball. 

7. Plank Knee Taps- Get in plank position and alternate tapping your right and left knee down. 

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