Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hammer and Chisel Day 23

I woke up early today to do Max Hammer Strength. I wasn't feeling too great, but I just thought I was tired and pushed through the workout. I'm not a morning person so the days I have to workout before work I tend to not feel well and put it off... Usually I will feel better once I get a few minutes into the workout, but today I just kept feeling worse. By this point my throat was really hurting and my stomach kind of hurt and I knew I had strep! I get it at least once or twice a year so it's hard to forget the feeling. I went to the doctor immediately so I could be put on antibiotics because I hate missing work! Unfortunately they confirmed my diagnosis so I got a very unwanted sick day. At least it took me a minute to realize I was sick so my workout got done!

I had made myself a sweet potato to pack in my lunch before I worked out so it could cool and completely forgot about it until after I got back from the doctor. My dog is actually the only reason I remembered. I heard mostly silence with just a slight licking sound which is always a very bad sign with him. I called him, he didn't come so I had to get off the comfy spot I had made on the couch and figure out what he was up to. I caught him on camera running off with the sweet potato! I'm just thankful he didn't break the plate when he jumped up on the counter to get it. 

I was able to eat lunch (chicken, broccoli and a sweet potato) and I had my shakeology with a banana and spinach blended into it, but since the solid food made my throat hurt even worse I ended up cheating for dinner... I feel really guilty about it since I had ice cream and 2 slices of the pizza my husband got for himself! I have been allowing myself one cheat meal usually on Sunday so I just won't have one this Sunday to make up for it. I have never been as consistent with nutrition as I have been with this program! The results I'm already seeing in 3 weeks are too good for me to give up now! 

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