Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hammer Conditioning

Hammer conditioning is day 14 of the masters of hammer and chisel. It is only about 30 minutes but its a great workout! All the moves work multiple muscle groups at the same time so you will feel it everywhere. This is one of my favorites!

The Moves

The workout is broken down into 4 sets with 2 moves in each set. You do 12 reps for each move and repeat each set once. 

Set 1:

1. Clock Push up Crunch- Do a push up at the 12:00 position then crunch your right knee into your right elbow and rotate into the 1:00 position and continue around the clock. On the second round you will go counterclockwise. 

2. Side Lunge Row- Switch legs for the second round. 

Set 2:

1. Fly Lunge Twist- Use a light weight in your right hand. While standing up straight open your arms then bring them back. Then keeping your arms in front of you do a reverse lunge and twist arms to the left over the forward leg. Stand up and repeat. 

2. Sumo Squat Press- With the weights at your shoulders do a sumo squat and press on way up

Set 3:

1. Burpee Renegade Upright Row- With weights in hands drop down and jump into a plank position, row each arm then jump up and do an upright row. 

2. Stiff Leg Deadlift Crunch- Standing on one leg do a deadlift, as you raise up bring the floating leg up to your chest. Switch legs on second round. 

Set 4:

1. Plank Raise Tap Crunch- Lift right arm up and tap it back down then lift it to the side and tap back down. Then bring your left leg up and touch it with your right hand. Do the same on the opposite side for the second round. 

2. Reverse Lunge Curl Kickback- Do a reverse lunge. While still in the lunge do a bicep curl then lean slightly forward and do a tricep kickback and stand back up. Do the same thing on other side for round 2. 

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