Monday, January 11, 2016

Hammer Plyometrics

For Day 2 of the Masters of Hammer and Chisel you get to workout with Sagi Kalev in Hammer Plyometrics. I really liked that this workout was only 26 minutes since I was still sore from chisel balance. Your heart rate will get way up in this one and you will get a great calorie burn. I have done all the workouts in this program and haven't found one I don't like! 

The Moves

All the moves are only 30 seconds long. Once you go through them all once you will go through them again for a second round. 

1. Vertical Jump- Squat down and jump up with one arm in the air. Make it harder by squatting lower and jumping higher

2. Burpee Pull-up- Do a burpee then a pull up. I personally modified by using my weights and doing a bent over row (not sure if that's what it's called). Basically I did my burpee picked up my weights squatted and leaned forward a little and rowed up. I only have the band door attachment and I felt like I wasn't getting anything out of it trying to do the bands. 

3. Leg in and outs- Straddle the bench with your hands planted on it, jump both feet up onto the bench and back down. If you don't have a bench you just do the same leg movements but on the floor. 

4. Plyo push up taps- I really struggled with this one. You lower down in your push up then jump with your arms up, then raise one arm up and tap the bench. 

5. Crazy Horse- Put your hand on the bench with both feet on one side then jump back and forth over it. You can do the same movement on the floor if you don't have a bench.

6. Chin up Crunch Squat Jump- If you have a pull up bar do a chin up and crunch your legs up for the first part, if you are using bands pull the band towards you and raise one knee up. Then you squat and jump. 

7. Knee Driver- Start in a lunge position with one weight in the hand of the leg that's back. Stand up while raising your knee up and jump while pressing the weight straight up. 

8. Sumo Tuck Jump- I hate these! Start in Sumo squat position lower a little then jump (still in squat position) and lower back down again for the whole 30 seconds. 

9.Lunge Lunge Squat- Lunge then lunge with opposite leg then squat. 

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