Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hammer Power

Hammer Power is day 12 of the masters of hammer and chisel. This one is about 40 minutes. I'm not sure if I like this one of not yet. I will be doing it again next Sunday so I will see then. It's basically power lifting which I have never done before. I felt like it was a good workout but I think I just need to get more comfortable with the moves to start liking it. 

The Moves

There are 2 rounds in this workout but each round has different moves. Each move is usually 2 parts. Some you just do the same move and up your weight and some you do a little bit of a harder move for the second set and up your weight. In round 1 you use a light weight for 10 then a medium for 10 reps. In round 2 you use a light weight for 10 then a heavy weight for 5 reps. 

Round 1:

1. Overhead Press (light/medium)

2. Squat (light/medium)

3. Thruster (light/medium)- Do a squat and do and overhead press on the way up.

4. Jerk Press (light/medium)- Basically you do an overhead press as you lunge. Do 5 on one side then 5 on the other. 

5. Deadlift (light/medium)

6. Shrug (light)- shoulder shrugs

7. Shrug with extension (medium)- Start low and as you shrug up you use your knees to move your hips forward a little to extend the shrug. 

8. Upright Row (light)

9. Full Upright Row (medium)- Start low from a deadlift position and raise up into an upright row. 

10. Clean (light)- In a standing position pull the weights up and "catch" them at shoulder height with your elbows down. 

11. Full Range Clean (medium)- Same as a clean but you start in a deadlift position. 

Round 2:

1. Clean and Press (light/heavy)- Same as full range clean but you add an overhead press. 

2. Clean and Squat (light/heavy)- Same as full range clean but with a squat. 

3. Clean Squat Press (light/heavy)- A combination of the last 2. Do a full range clean, squat, then an overhead press. 

4. Clean Squat Jerk (light/heavy)- The same as clean squat press but when you go to do the overhead press you do the jerk move from round 1. 5 reps on each leg first with light then with heavy weights. 

5. 1 Arm Clean Squat Jerk (light/heavy)- Same as clean squat jerk but with 1 arm. You do both sides. 

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