Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Max Hammer Strength

Day 9 of the Masters of Hammer and Chisel is Max Hammer Strength. This workout is about 37 minutes. I used my 10 pound weights for most of this and felt like I needed a little heavier for some of the lower body moves. I ordered some heavier ones that are coming in tomorrow, but the way this workout is laid out to really get the biggest benefit you need heavier weights. I would say for the lower body I would want at least 15's. I will probably keep using 10's for upper body though.

The Moves

The layout of this workout is a bit different then the others. You start out with a light weight or easier move for 60 seconds then you will do the move with weights for 8 reps so you fatigue the muscle you are working. 

1. Reverse Lunge (60 seconds)

2. Reverse Lunge w/ Weights (8 reps)

3. Push Up (60 seconds)

4. Bench Press (8 reps)

5. Squat (60 seconds)

6. Shoulder Squat (8 reps)- Hold weights at your shoulders and squat.

7. Pull Up (60 seconds)

8. Pullover (8 rep)- Lay on your back holding one weight with your arms extended over your head. Lower and raise back up. 

9. Good Mornings (60 seconds)- While standing up hold your hands to your ears with your elbows out (like you would for a crunch), hinge forward at your hips and stick your butt out while lowering down then back up. Basically a deadlift without using weights. 

10. Deadlifts (8 reps)- Same form as good mornings except you hold your weights down in front of you. Really squeeze your glutes to get the most out of this exercise. 

11. Chin Up (60 seconds)

12. 1 Arm Row (8 reps)

13. Sumo Squat (60 seconds)- Don't go all the way up in this one. 

14. Sumo Squat w/ Weights (8 reps)

15. Band Military Press (60 seconds)- Stand on the band and do an overhead press.

16. Military Press (8 reps)

17. Split Squat (60 seconds)- 1 leg on chair or bench behind you other foot in front of you in lunge position,

18. Step Ups (8 reps)- Keep one leg on bench and step up and down with the other one. 

19. Ledge Calf Raise (60 seconds)- Stand on a ledge so you can get a bigger range of motion.

20. Calf Raise (8 reps)- Sit down and puts weights on your knees. 

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