Monday, January 11, 2016

Iso Strength Chisel

Day 3 was another Autumn workout, Iso Strength Chisel. I hate holding any position so I wasn't the biggest fan of this one but I still liked the moves and I know the hold will just help improve my fitness level. This one is about 37 minutes, but like all of the longer workouts in this program, it went by fast. 

The Moves

All the moves in this one have 10 reps followed by a 10 second isometric hold then you repeat that 2 more times with no break. I used 10 lbs for most of these. Don't worry you will feel the burn!

1. Sumo Squats- Make sure your toes are pointed out and your back is straight in your sumo squat position. Down and up then after 10 reps hold and repeat. 

2. Push up- I have weak arms so I feel like I failed miserably at this since I can barely do 10 push ups much less holding one in the lowered position. 

3. Split Squat- One foot on bench one foot in front in lunge position. You drop down 10 times then hold

4. Pull up- 10 pull ups then hold. I used my band with the door attachment. 

5. Step up side hold- Step up and down on the bench with one foot 10 times then you balance on the bench with one foot in front of you like a pistol squat. You hold one weight for this. Make sure your bench is really sturdy for this one! 

6. 1 Arm Row- Just a row with one arm

7. Sit up C-Curve- Sittups holding a light weight at your chest. Do 10 then lean slightly back and hold. 

8. Lateral Raise- Use lighter weights and raise arms straight out to the sides. (I used 5 lbs) 

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